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The interest on debentures is a charge against profit and loss account.Machinery or equipment may also be supplied on hire purchase basis.Working Capital Short-term financing is generally less costly but. businesses Credit extended by supplies is a very popular source.

If there are any bad debts, it is to be borne by the business concern itself.Long term internal sources of finance are retained profits and provision for depreciation whereas external sources are Share Capital, long-term loan, and debentures.

Ploughing Back of Profits: Ploughing back of profits means the reinvestments by concern of its surplus earnings in its business.We trace and examine the short-term sources and uses of cash as they appear. cash and net working capital provide a.

How to Make the Most of Working Capital. capital financing source.

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Short-Term Financial Planning. in working capital with long-term sources of.The firm issuing debentures also enjoys a number of benefits such as trading on equity, retention of control, tax benefits, etc.Under this, the borrower receives the loan in lumpsum and is required to pay interest on fixed rate till the repayment of the loan.But now-a-days even long-term deposits for 5 to 7 years are accepted by the business houses.

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Each supplier will have a maximum credit limit defined for the buyer depending on the business capacity and creditworthiness of the buyer.WORKING,-CAPITAL FINANCING OF SMALL BUSINESS. from long-term sources. that short-term financing or working-capital financing here refers to.

It is an internal source of finance and is most suitable for an established firm for its expansion, modernization and replacement etc.

When the debentures are secured they are paid on priority to other creditors.Companies cannot rely only on limited sources for their working.Since interest on debentures have to be paid on certain predetermined intervals at a fixed rate and also debentures get priority on repayment at the time of liquidation, they are very well suited to cautious investors.Sometimes, installment credit is granted by financial companies or commercial banks which have special arrangements with the suppliers.WORKING CAPITAL POLICIES Different companies adopt different policies concerning the management of working capital.The sources used for financing temporary requirement of working capital.Trade credit facilitates the purchase of goods without immediate payment.Short-term external sources include short-term working capital financing from banks such as bank overdrafts, cash credits, trade deposits, bills discounting, short-term loans, inter-corporate loans, commercial paper, etc.

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Overall, in comparison to long term sources where you have to hold funds even when not required, these facilities proves cheaper.

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It is regarded as a sound financial policy to use short-term credit to expand circulating assets (variable working capital) because these assets will be converted into cash in the near future.Interest is charged on such loans at a fixed rate and the amount of the loan is to be repaid by way of installments in a number of years.

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Short-term financial requirements can be met by the commercial banks.The biggest benefit of spontaneous sources as working capital is its effortless raising and insignificant cost compared to traditional ways of financing.Public deposits as a source of finance have a large number of advantages such as very simple and convenient source of finance, taxation benefits, trading on equity, no need of securities and an inexpensive source of finance.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: (ii) Line of credit: The bank agrees to allow the company to borrow upto certain amount.

Sources of Finance for Working Capital. and short-term working capital used to facilitate.Sources of working capital for your small business. of regular working capital and short-term working capital. sources of working capital for.Chapter 8 Working Capital Management. 1. short-term finance is hard to find. (iii). The main sources of liquidity are usually: (a).It is also an important method of raising long-term or permanent working capital.This percentage of discount is an opportunity cost for the buyer.Equity shares do not have any fixed commitment charge and the dividend on these shares is to be paid subject to the availability of sufficient profits.Each of the short-term sources of financing must be continuously managed to ensure that they are obtained and...