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The text book provides good information in certain areas, while not comprehensive information in other areas.Overall, the style of writing makes this text highly accessible.This text would be a great addition to a Research Methods course or an Introductory Statistics course for Psychology majors.This text covers everything I would consider essential for a first course in research methods, including.

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The examples generally reflect American psychology research, but the focus is on the methods used and not the participants or cultural context.Comments After having examined several textbooks on research design and methodology related to psychology, this book stands out as superior.Each chapter is relatively self-contained, so there are little issues with referring to past material that may have been skipped.On the other hand, there is far too little information about some subjects.

The examples appear to be accessible to a wide audience and do not require specialization or previous knowledge of other fields of psychology.While these approaches were less commonly used in the recent past, they are prevalent in the early years of psychology and are ascending once again.The brief introduction to APA style was also helpful, but should be supplemented with the most recent APA style manual.The Science of Psychology and Its Research Methods Outline. psychology, addressed questions.

Comments I enjoyed reading this text and am very excited to have a free research methods text for my students that I may supplement as needed.Keep up with new additions to the Open Textbook Library by joining our mailing list.To share a book you think should be in the library, please share it with us here.The Open Textbook Network helps your institution start or advance your campus open textbook initiative, and sustain it through staff development and networking.The types of research methods in psychology are diverse, and here we provide you with an overview of.

I do wish there were PowerPoints available for the text as well as a test bank.Also, it would be nice if the TOC was clickable (i.e., you could click on a section and it automatically directed you to that section).

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Having such links, as well as a linked, easily-navigable and detailed table of contents, would also be helpful (and useful to students who use assistive technology).

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As discussed above, the modularity of the book makes it easy to reorder sections to suit the structure of a particular class (for example, I might have students read the section on APA writing earlier in the semester as they begin drafting their own research proposals).The only things left to mention are that the author should have clearly distinguished between mundane and psychological realism, and that, in my opinion, the threats to internal validity could have been grouped together and might have been closer to an exhaustive list.WE DO THIS TO CONTRAST THE NON-EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH METHODS. other types of research design.

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Given the current replication crisis in psychology, it might be helpful to have something about replicability.Barring extensive restructuring in the fundamentals of methodology and design in psychology, any updates will be very easy to implement.Types of Educational Research. with half of her class and have the other class stick to methods she used.

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The text is written rather well and is free from grammatical errors.

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Good students will come to this realization themselves, but it is not a bad thing to point it out nonetheless. 2. The introduction of the concept of multiple regression might be difficult for some students to grasp. 3. The only place where I felt short of an explanation was in the use of a research example to demonstrate the use of a line graph on page 318.Research Methods in Psychology PART 1. Types of Research Methods.The authors cover all of the content of an introductory research methods textbook and use exemplary examples that make those concepts relevent to a beginning researcher.Modifications to the text as recommended by myself and other reviewers might improve the quality of this book in the future.The sections are brief, and in some instances too brief (e.g., the section on qualitative research).I think that some of the sections are rather brief and more information and examples could be provided.

The research studies that the author references are ones that undergraduate psychology majors should be familiar with.Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this book as superior in quality.


One minor issue is that the pdf version, which I reviewed, does not include an index or a glossary.When discussing z scores on page 311 it might have been helpful to point out that the mean and SD for a set of calculated z scores are 0 and 1 respectively.Of course, it is not a Canadian edition and so many of the examples (all of which are easy to comprehend) come from a US context.The text is organized very well into chapters, modules within each chapter, and learning objectives within each module.