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College is a time when young adults are supposed to learn and prepare themselves for their futures paying them will teach them the importance of managing money and working hard.If they were to get paid it would become more of a job, and that is not what they are there for.The coaches also, they are not volunteers, they are not there just for their love of the game, coaching is their job.They believe that the college athletes get paid through their scholarships that they have deserved and worked hard for.

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They worry it will be spread thin between all the sports departments, but with all the money circulating around the college sports industry, they should not have any concerns.However, the athletes themselves do not make any money from playing.

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The issue was brought on by the athletes over time, then caught onto coaches, sports columnists, and fans.Marcus Camby, a basketball player for the Toronto Raptors, admitted he took money and jewelry, from somebody who wanted to be his agent, while he was playing at the University of Massachusetts.

The NCAA, formed by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1906, was initally put into place to take care of the safety element in college football.

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Student athletes need to start being rewarded monetarily for their hard work and dedication.The NCAA also agreed to include sixty-eight teams instead of the previous sixty-five.

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Everyday, people like Eddie are forced to drop out of school early because of financial trouble.

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Paying College Athletes Over decades, Division I athletes have been pouring their heart and. soul into their sport they worked so hard for.Some believe that providing a payment would further complicate the issue, but others say that it would end all of the problems.

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Some other reasons why college athletes should not get paid are because, if they were to get paid they may focus more on their sport rather than their school work and studies.They will fundamentally change the country research essay community.With students spending so much time on athletics, it is reasonable to allow them to be compensated beyond scholarships.Every February college basketball fans fill out their March Madness brackets and try to pick the winner of every game in the sixty-eight team tournament.

Salaries in College College athletes juggle busy academic schedules and practice schedules all.College basketball and football have become huge money makers that according to time magazine the two sports have brought in over 6 billion dollars in annual revenue, more than the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL) combined.However, the debate continues as to whether student athletes should or should not receive payment for playing college sports.One of the most discussed topics in the world of college athletics is whether or not student-athletes should be paid money for playing sports.Youtube, 20 March. 2014. Web. 16 May. 2014. -Paraphrase Colleges will have to stat paying workers compensation and insurance and no colleges will want to get involved with the business aspect of paying college athletes.Those student-athletes will take with them not just their degrees, but the experiences of college athletics and the life lessons they learned along the way.

Each week, millions of people tune in to watch their favorite team, buy tickets to go to the games, or spend money on university athletic merchandise to show their pride.Groups that are in favor of paying athletes might say that all the money the schools generate from football games and televised sporting events should go to those who earned it, but I believe that say that the money earned should be put towards a different cause.

However, they fail to mention that colleges are only considering paying a select few, the stars of the sports.If athletes apply for a job they are limited to only a couple of hours a day to work.These athletes are heavily privileged and instead of asking for more money should be happy that even that much gets paid for.Opponents typically are of the opinion that athlete scholarships with allowances for food and lodging supply more than enough compensation.

In 1988, the Nebraska legislature passed a bill that would allow the University of Nebraska football players to receive better cash incentives.Student athletes get to graduate without the burden of student loans unlike other students.

Like most students, these athletes need money, but do not have a spare moment to work.Even though they technically are being paid, they really are not.

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How else would universities justify taking advantage of these young men and women.If we are talking about profit, if all bonds with the university were removed, an athletic department representing itself could compete with some of the most successful companies.In reality, these officials tolerate the time spent on sports because it keeps a lot of students from getting into drugs and alcohol.Our student athletes are the ones who are at the expense here stuck in between this large argument.Not only are they living the life of an average student, they also have a strenuous schedule with their specific sport.All of the hard works, blood, sweat and tears that they put into that program were all for free.