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I work for Burger King, and there is a significant problem with management at the moment.Our best guess at this point is that Burger King may be better off shrinking in.The sign said it was open until 10 pm with the drive thru open until 11 pm.After we left and started eating the whoppers they were cold like day old, the meat was so skinny you could hardly see it, the tomato was bigger.The tables were nasty (everyone of them) we had to wipe off a table to sit at.I had been a loyal customer and had Burger King around the world, this experience has shaken my loyalty towards this brand.

The Burger King in Falls Church, Virginia clearly advertised the barbecue sandwich for a dollar, or one could get the 2 for 5 deal (a whopper and a fish sandwich).This morning at 9:33 am before heading for work stopped by BK drive thru at, 4199 Union Rd, Buffalo, NY 14225.This complaint was seriously mishandled and has now resulted in several customers, embarrassed and angry with the shabby treatment we received for food not fit for purpose and which we had paid for.

God loves all people but the Bible is very explicit about his feelings toward homosexual activity.I was at my local Burger King in Dixon Illinois last nite, around 5p.

There was two other customers either side of me in total believe too.Customers can also sign up for BK Alerts, a program which send promotions to your mobile device.

I work in customer service and have for many years and I can say that this is absolutely unacceptable.I was asked to park around front (which is expected) Only a couple of min. went by and the young lady came out with my order.Anonymous You barely write English yet you call someone else simple -.I enjoy eating at burger King my food is always correct and hot when i receive my food.As a thank you for taking the time to complete the survey Burger King will reward you with a discount coupon for money off your next Burger King meal.I told her I had other things to order, well that really pissed her off.If business keep going like this you all will go out of business soon.bad managment.

I asked for barbecue sauce for my fries and my chicken sticks they said they had none so they offered me a ranch they gave me two things of ranch for a whole fry and a whole thing chicken fingers.While waiting for order to be delivered my coke was filled and set on table to be given with ordered burger and same moment i saw a big fly sitting on my cup.

I would like to begin by saying I like Burger King, but for a long time I had stopped going to BK because the burgers were always cold. or I should say barely warm.I drove through drive-thru and wanted to use a coupon, however, I cannot drink coffee so I asked for an orange juice.The customer service department is open Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm EST.I attempted to tell the manager about my negative experience and she completely ignored me.Contact details including address, telephone number and email for complaining to Burger King.

This barking and chastising in front of customers is Not appropriate.Give your honest feedback in the BK Experience Survey and claim a free drink or fries on your next visit to Burger King.We ordered our food noting that there was no precooked stock of burgers etc under the lights, so realised it would take a short time to cook.I would never ever treat a customer the way that I was treated.When customers visit the official Burger King website, they have the ability to review the menu options, find nutritional information and learn more about the corporate responsibility program.Since Burger King is a franchise, customers can learn about franchise opportunities.I was so frustrated with this i called your corp number and left a general message. Not right.

I called to let them know they had messed my order up and talked to Brandon he said he would put my name in the book.These 3 ladies went above and beyond what would be expected of anyone in this very scary situation.I left to run a couple of errands but the more I thought about it I thought I should at least tell the manager what I thought.He was so helpful and we really felt like he wanted to help us.

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When contacted they stated they were sorry and would gladly give me the item I paid for if I would again return to the store.I was using my coupon and had to purchase a frie and drink in order to use it.I just want to say what a pleasant experience my wife and I had at the Burger King at the South Ridge WV Store.What I think is that it was setting around and all they did was warm it up.

I really wish I did not have to go to this one but I hope you will be able to correct this and bring it up to parr with the way other Burger Kings are Run.Commentary: Burger King navigates immediacy. emotional connection you create with your customer and the space that you. become a public relations.A few weeks ago, one evening (it was either a Wednesday or a Saturday).Find information on Burger King headquarters such as corporate phone number, address, website, and consumer reviews.

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Thursday went and told the manager and he told his staff to make me a large tender-crisp sandwich which the clerk handed me and turned away and I thanked her and me mumbled something.The Manager is supposed to accommodate the customers, not call them idiots.

Had to wait at least 5 minutes since the chicken was not done.I asked him why noone bothered to glance out the window when they didnt hear any orders for over 10mins.I went through the drive thru at bk at clear acre exit or selmi drive and had a horrible experience.To whom this may concern, my last dollar was spent at burger king last night.I will never eat there again, period.This goes for whoever reads this, if you eat there, you get what you get.She grabbed the cash out of my hand so hard, she dropped the change all over the ground.

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I phoned the management after I returned home and she told me that I could bring them back if I wanted and she would give me two fresh.I would have entered a survey, but the receipts are unreadable.Once you submit the survey you will receive a validation code to write down on your survey invitation card.