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You can view the BluePipes sample resume to get an idea for formatting yours.My question is what should the graduates highlight on their resumes.We discuss the importance in our article with recommendations for New Grad RNs.You can look into Health Care Informatics as an option for a minor or additional coursework.Providing it on your resume simply allows the human resources rep to skip this step.The field of nursing is widely varied and the types of positions more numerous than can be individually.Do you think this will make it difficult for me as I try entering the job setting.Reply michaele says: June 2, 2013 at 9:54 AM Do you have an example resume.If you choose to list many of them, then put them in columns or in a continuous stream separated by commas to save space.

Can anyone tell me what are the key points to list when making a resume for a student nursing position.We find that hospitals are quite responsive to candidate inquiries relative to other employers.Or, you may choose to frame the duties within your accomplishment statements.

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Provide at least the following information about your education: Name of school Degree earned Beginning date Completion date City, and State You might also consider adding a description that includes achievements, awards, scholarly organizations and activities, or your GPA if it was really high.I feel confident that I am submitting a resume that will get me noticed.

Resume 7 Resume 8 Nursing. establish and enhance student internships and cooperative education.Nursing Student Resume Template A resume is a powerful tool in the job search process.Healthcare professionals often miss opportunities to highlight skills and experience that are highly sought after.Thank you, Jessica Reply Kyle Schmidt says: April 2, 2016 at 10:51 AM Thanks for the inquiry, Jessica.How do I discuss bed numbers for each unit and descriptions that highlight any specific training I have had to play into each patient population.

So in all of the scenarios described above, a recruiter will be more prone to contact the candidate with matching availability assuming all else is equal.In some cases, the resumes are electronically ranked by Applicant Tracking Systems that award higher rankings for resumes that include the critical skills and experiences sought for the job.Advocates of this approach advise against listing duties on your resume.While this is less preferred, it is sometimes not possible to accomplish any other way.

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Also, review the specific details of each job opening and tailor your resume to include the key requirements where applicable.General perspective on nursing resumes This may seem like a ton of information to incorporate into a standard resume.

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Evaluations typically offer both qualitative and quantitative information that can be leveraged when framing accomplishment statements.In reality, the differences are stark between various facilities.Matching as many keywords in the functional statements for your desired role in your application can be the difference between getting an interview and being passed over.I have done all of these critical care elements, but just not a ton of it.Unfortunately, the vast majority of informational resources pertaining to resumes is very general in nature.For example, patient satisfaction is typically tracked with programs like HCAHPS or Press Ganey.

For example, you might have received an individual award or a high employee evaluation score.Student Nursing Organization (SNO), Member 2003-present Clinical Representative September-December 2004.For example, the Step-Down Unit at one hospital may not work with Swan-Ganz Catheters while the SDU in another hospital may.Reply Kyle Schmidt says: November 3, 2013 at 9:30 AM Thanks for the feedback, Brittney.

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Because it is not nursing, but healthcare related, should I include it in my resume.Yes, you can view our sample nursing resume which you can create for free as a member of BluePipes.

Reply Amanda says: January 21, 2014 at 7:42 AM i have a question regarding applying to nursing positions.

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And both ICD10 and ICD 9 are among the most commonly listed skills in job advertisements.Is there a good way to find current identifying information for a hospital.