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The two main groups of people living in Jamaica are the rich, white property owners, and the poor, freed (formerly slaves) blacks.Antoinette, much like Jane, grows up in a world with little love to offer her.But as Jane matures and becomes an adult, her faith solidifies and she comes to have a clear belief in God.Both novels are feminist works, though each approaches feminist issues quite differently.Perfect for students who have to write Wide Sargasso Sea essays.Like Jane, Antoinette has difficulty finding comfort in religion when confronted with the death of someone close to her.

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Post-colonial Fiction Essay Assignment 2012 Topic: How does Wide Sargasso Sea revise or alter the way one reads Jane Eyre.Antoinette is not fearful of sex and has already experimented with Daniel before her marriage.He is pressured into marrying Antoinette, although he has only just met her and knows nothing of her family.

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Both women are cared for as children by inattentive and dysfunctional relatives, both lose their first friend, and both have a profoundly isolated and lonely childhood.

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The oppression Antoinette suffer under is so much more obscure and underground that what Jane deals with that, not only would it be near impossible for Antoinette to articulate it, she has trouble even recognizing it.Caribbean Identity In Wide Sargasso Sea English Literature Essay.

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Wide Sargasso Sea is madness wide sargasso sea essay divided into three parts.Be sure to craft a strong thesis statement and use examples to support your argument about how fire functions as a recurring element of the novella.From a feminist viewpoint, it is easy to see Rochester as simply cold and cruel, but he too is sorry that there is a lack of genuine communication in their relationship.

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They are as helpless as moths, Antoinette sees no distinctions between humans and insects.The eponymous protagonist of Jane Eyre develops into a fiercely independent, self-assured, moral, and passionate young woman.Jane and Antoinette are both distressed by the issues posed by being a woman in a male-dominated society, but they each deal with these dilemmas in a unique way.She represents a particularly modernist perspective on the suffering of woman: the abstract sense of nothingness Antoinette experiences is so much worse than the concrete and real suffering Jane endures and can therefore deal with and even battle.

This exploration takes the form of a three part narrative, the middle part being in the first person voice of Rochester (although he is never named), the other two being the voice of Antoinette (who will later become the madwoman Bertha of Jane Eyre ).Daniel Cosway insists, for example, that madness runs in the family, and Annette certainly proves to be psychologically unstable, so it is hardly a surprise when we see Antoinette begin to lose her grasp on sanity.How do you understand the importance of naming in Wide Sargasso Sea.As a child, Jane expresses her doubt and uncertainty in the existence and power of God.

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Wide Sargasso Sea repeatedly represents altered states of consciousness, including daydreams, memories, fainting, fits of rage or madness, moments of awakening, drunkenness, sexual ecstasy, and nightmares.On the history of literature, and other sorts of art, it is easy to find examples of social order.She manages the socially ambiguous position of governess with dignity and practicality.Wide Sargasso Sea study guide contains a biography of Jean Rhys, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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This 14-page resource is a set of short writing tasks, and formal essay questions in the style of A Level, AP and IB examinations.Religion, like love, is unfamiliar and beyond her comprehension.Yet Antoinette cannot distinguish between intense pleasure and intense pain, for her an orgasm is like dying.How does Wide Sargasso Sea revise or alter the way one reads and understands Jane Eyre.Later, Antoinette corrects Rochesters thoughts about Dominica and God.

Wide sargasso sea essay - experienced scholars, exclusive services, timely delivery and other advantages can be found in our custom writing service No more Fs with.The characteristically modern anxieties present in Wide Sargasso Sea results in a female protagonist who, although existing in roughly the same time period as Jane and experiencing much of the same challenges, represents a much more modern conception of a woman.Rochester loves Jane as a wife and respects her for her intelligence and talents.Whereas Jane has developed many resources and defenses she can rely on to get her through her tribulations, Antoinette is virtually defenseless.

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That is why you are afraid of it, because it is something else.Antoinette has no clue what would make her happy because she has so little sense of identity.

Trace the motif of fire throughout Wide Sargasso Sea, examining its role at three or more different points in the text.The Experience of Womanhood in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea.Jane Eyre takes a special interest in the lives of women and the internal psyche of one particular, bright woman.