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Our third result is a unified approach to perform different proximity queries among multiple deformable models using second order discrete Voronoi diagrams.All algorithms considered employ the solution of a linear program or sequences of linear programs in their search for a best approximation.Our work aims to bridge this gap between exact and approximate approaches.The sensitivity of the medial descriptions to small boundary perturbations, a fundamental problem of any skeletonization technique, is approached with a new sampling technique.Next we give a requirement-by-requirement evaluation of our systems and existing systems, showing that our system fulfills the flexibility and ease-of-specification requirements better than existing systems.The methods presented herein yield a mean reconstruction error of 0.44 mm from a single calibration process.

I also demonstrate how this method is able to achieve near-linear scaling on modern many-core architectures.The intersection of the motion subspaces of two linked parts models the motion subspace of an articulated joint or axis.For decades, researchers have developed methods and technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of such large-scale state-space estimation.

The proper color value at a pixel is found by selecting from the appropriately filtered level.Our language and other previously proposed temporal extensions of the relational algebra are evaluated against these criteria.Model synthesis is inspired by developments in texture synthesis and is designed to automatically generate a large model that resembles a small example model provided by the user.I extend an algorithm for simplifying static Reeb graphs to compute simplifications of time-varying Reeb graphs as a first step towards building a visualization system to support the analysis of time-varying data.As a formal method, theorem proving has been used to verify the correctness of various hardware and software designs.The rendering of hair is similarly challenging, particularly as a result of the shadows caused by hair self-occlusions.The design features of our user interfaces provide alternative channels for the collaborators with disabilities to communicate ideas or coordinate actions that collaborators without disabilities would otherwise do verbally or visually.This definition optimal portability ensures reasonable execution efficiency, and identifies architectural differences relevant to algorithm selection.

A shared abstraction extends a traditional single-user abstraction, such as an object, with automatic collaboration support.We also prove that any (dining philosophers) algorithm with the optimal response is transformable in polynomial time into a sequential algorithm for an NP-complete problem.Second, we show that side channels in encrypted VoIP traffic enable the reconstruction of approximate transcripts of conversations.Use these free computer science dissertations computer science dissertations to aid and inspire your own work All custom Computer Science dissertations and thesis.For computing volumes of CSG models, I describe a framework that uses a minimal set of predicates that use at most five-fold precision.Subjects gave answers which were an average of thirty-nine percent more accurate when they had control over the representation.Generic subroutines which operate on any size of data may also be written in Porta-SIMD.The contributions of this work to computer science are 1) a documented example of a good man-machine interface, 2) a detailed discussion of the major design decisions that I made, and 3) a demonstration of the usefulness of a ridge line representation for a scalar function of three variables.To the best of my knowledge, this is the first approach and system that addresses the luminance problem in such a comprehensive fashion and generates truly seamless displays with high dynamic range.

There are several CAD problems where attributes that combine behavior and structure are needed, or when function behavior is too complex and is best captured through some attribute in the implementation.We complement our abstraction model with an architectural model that allows the practical use of patterns in the application development.A user can specify that a rigid object with few variables replace large segments of a model that should not change.We show that knowledge of this measurement noise can be leveraged to develop an inlier classification scheme that is dependent on the model uncertainty, as opposed to a fixed inlier threshold, as in RANSAC.Automatic quantitative methods are needed to screen large image databases to assess changes in cartilage morphology.This prototype uses off-the-shelf components and can be easily duplicated.

Unfortunately, the two-dimensional video of conventional systems does not correctly convey several important non-verbal communication cues such as eye contact and gaze awareness.Microfiche copies: Microforms Section of Davis Library (basement).The techniques are aimed at exploratory visualization, where accurate performance of a variety of tasks is desirable, not just the best technique for one particular task.We propose a Stochastic Processor Sharing (SPS) algorithm that uses the empirical probability distribution of execution times of the RT tasks to schedule the RT tasks such that their maximum expected processor share at any instant is minimized.

It is documentation of an attempt to contribute to the general society: the effect of.The study shows that queue monitoring performs better than a policy that statically chooses a display latency or an adaptive policy that simply increases display latency to accommodate the longest observed delay.In the last few years, we have seen increased attention on surface shading quality for graphics hardware, principally image- based texture mapping.Problems that arise when materialized views are maintained incrementally are discussed, and solutions to those problems are proposed.On the contrary, this dissertation investigates the contributions from the entire population to image registration.

Consequently, many interactive applications in practice today are forced to overlook several complex features of hair in order to attain a desired performance.Processor speeds are improving at a much faster rate than the speeds of accessing main memory.Many of these problems can now be solved with state of the art automatic theorem provers.In this dissertation I develop a new three-dimensional medial model that allows continuous interpolation of the medial surface and provides a map back and forth between the boundary and its medial axis.Two depth representations, the depth estimation buffer and the no-background Z-buffer, have been developed to store the depth information for the occluders.There was no suitable taxonomy to identify the features of SIMD architectures.

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We focus on large scale SDEs because the increase in the number of tools and the increase in size and complexity of individual tools and shared data complicate the interface among the tools.University of Oxford Computing Laboratory MSc Computer Science Dissertation Automatic Generation of Control Flow Hijacking Exploits for Software Vulnerabilities.

Our key contribution is a novel RANSAC-based algorithm that simultaneously computes the epipolar geometry and synchronization of a pair of cameras, from only the silhouettes of moving objects.I attack three major challenges associated with using 3D warping for rendering acceleration: visibility, reconstruction, and performance.Second, a blind person collaborating with a sighted person uses our loosely coupled custom shared workspace called Deep View.We distinguish between consistency requirements, which are rules defined by the application and its users that specify which concurrent accesses are allowed and which are not, and consistency criteria, which are the rules synchronization systems use to enforce consistency requirements.I use Principal Nested Spheres (PNS) to transform these representations to instead live in a flat space where standard techniques can be applied.These instance-based theorem provers created propositional instances of the first-order clauses to be proved unsatisfiable, and tested the instances on a propositional calculus prover.

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If the grid satisfies the sampling condition, our algorithm can provide geometric and topological guarantees on the output.Our results indicate that the new system significantly outperforms other existing systems.The basic goal of traditional computer graphics is to generate 2D images of a synthetic scene represented by a 3D analytical model.Porta-SIMD has been implemented for the Connection Machine 2, for Pixel-Planes 4 and 5, and for ordinary sequential machines.

This method is shown to be accurate for ellipsoids where an analytical solution is known.We present an extension to texture mapping that supports the representation of 3-D surface details and view motion parallax.Under the right conditions, the user would unknowingly walk in circles in the lab, thinking she is walking in a straight and arbitrarily long path in the virtual scene.The first experiment investigated the effects of user control and smooth change in the display of quantitative data on user accuracy, confidence, and preference.New direct rendering approaches that operate on the original data are replacing coercion approaches.Advisor affiliations are given if the advisor was not on the UNC Department of Computer Science faculty.Both problems are exacerbated by the increasing prevalence of encrypted traffic: recent estimates suggest that 65\% or more of downstream Internet traffic will be encrypted by the end of 2016.There exists a fundamental tension between these responsive and unresponsive protocols.Photon mapping is a popular global illumination algorithm that can reproduce a wide range of visual effects including indirect illumination, color bleeding and caustics on complex diffuse, glossy, and specular surfaces modeled using arbitrary geometric primitives.