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If someone riles it again and again, it loses its temper and becomes very dangerous.Following are differences between African and Asian Elephants.It is usually coarse dark in color. its skin is too hard for any kind of thorns to penetrate.Nursing Colleges in Gujarat Nursing Colleges January 20, 2017.The old-fashioned romance novel Water for Elephants was written by Sara Gruen and adapted into a motion picture by director Francis Lawrence.Because he was part of a modern circus, he bore the interest and respect that made Mr.

Essay elephant - If you want to know how to make a superb research paper, you are to look through this Forget about those sleepless nights writing your coursework.Eutrophication, Marine pollution, Nonpoint source pollution.Millions of charges have been pressed against different circuses in the United States for the abuse and death of the circus elephants.

People used to hunt for its tusks and bones which are very costly.Elephants essaysI have recently seen The Elephant Kingdom Imax movie.Once Orwell received the gun he continued looking for the elephant.It uses its trunk to pick the things, drink water, feed itself, etc.A 2007 study finds that discharge of untreated sewage is the single most important cause for pollution of surface and ground water in India. There is a large gap between generation and treatment of domestic waste water in India.The film begins with the aged Jacob Jankowski (Hal Holbrook) wandering.It has unique body structure which makes it differ from others.

What would you do when faced with a crowd expected of you to act.Its physical appearance makes it differ from the other land animal.I know that they come from Asian and many were hunter for their tusks.It has two big ears, a head, a mouth, two ivory tusks, a long trunk and a short tail.

The female African elephants have not much difference as they reach the height of around 7-9 feet (2.2-3 meter) from shoulder to toe and her weight between 4500-7000 pounds.Home Static Main Menu Home Publish Your Article Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact Us Terms of Service Content Quality Guidelines Prohibited Content Copyright infringement takedown notification template Return to Content.Students can use any of these elephant essay according to their need and requirement in the schools.

Its trunk plays important role in feeding and drinking water.Asian elephants are herbivores and can consume 330 pounds of food per day and drink up to 30 gallons of water.It eats green leaves, grasses, bushes, small plants, tree bark, fruits, sugarcane, roots, etc.

Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1.It has four legs which are very strong and looks like pillars.Short essay on elephant - Fast and trustworthy writings from industry top company.It is a vegetarian mammal which eats grass, fruits, soft green leaves, grains, plants, etc.The author told the story that took place in Moulmain, in Lower Burma with a sub-divisional police officer during the time when Burma was a British colony.His argument was published October 16, 2005, in the Washington Post.

A Story Lacking Audience is Nothing but Dissonance The worthiness of a story is a subject against which all authors struggle.Essay on the elephant - Entrust your essay to us and we will do our best for you Composing a custom research paper means work through many steps Let us help with your.At a time, an elephant can hold around four liter water in its trunk.There is no doubt human beings cannot live without animals, but can animals live without humans.We can see its learning skills and intelligence in the circus very easily.

Elephant is not a beautiful animal but it is liked by children very much.I am having trouble coming up with an argumentative thesis for this story.In Asia, there are three subspecies of elephant, named as Elephas Maximus Maximus (found in Sri Lanka), Elephas Maximus Indicus (in India) and Elephas Maximus Sumatranus (Iseland of Sumntra).Elephant is a huge animal on the earth however looks quite ugly.Objectively, it was a story worth telling because it piques the interest of young readers who have yet to realize how fleeting time can be so impacting on our lives.

However, Sri Lankan elephant has less predisposed to growing tusks.His unique approach to writing leaves the conclusion up for interpretation by the reader.